Friday, January 29, 2010

Digging For Worms

We played outside a lot this week. Greg built us a second compost bin, while Lily and I pulled weeds and dug for worms out front. Okay, so I pulled weeds while she dug in the dirt looking for worms, snails and bumblebees. Even though she only found a few worms and one snail, she was way more successful than I was. My plans, especially my weeding plans, always turn out to be larger than what I actually accomplish, even when I’m not pregnant.

But we had so much fun! I was already outside weeding when Lily woke up from her nap, so as soon as she came out and saw my tools, she was hooked. She loves the spade and the weeder, and once we found the first worm, that’s all she was interested in. “Find wormy, find wormy, find wormy,” she kept saying over and over and over again.

Every time we would find one, Lily wanted to hold it and watch it wiggle in her hand. But I think the worms were a bit shell shocked because they didn’t do much wiggling. Eventually Lily would drop it back into the dirt and just watch it and anytime it moved she would tell me, “It’s moving!” It’s so cute to hear her talk because so often her words or sentences end with the inflection of a question, so instead of, “It’s moving!” It sounds more like, “It’s moving?”

Another silly discovery we had were a few old, forgotten carrots in one of the pots I never emptied out last year. I thought we were just digging through the dirt for worms, but out came several small carrots. She only found one tiny snail, and she tried to squish the body out of the shell with her finger. Yuck!

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