Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lily and Gardening Books

There isn’t much gardening going on around here this week, since the monsoons have arrived, but there are plenty of gardening books to look at, for Lily too. She got a new one for Christmas called, In the Garden, by Leslie Bockol, illustrated by Jillian Phillips.

It’s a Green Start book which means it’s printed on 98% post-consumer recycled materials with only eco-friendly inks. Awesome! It’s been one of Lily’s favorites since she opened it and with each reading, (and depending on who is reading it to her,) it sort of goes through metamorphoses with her.

The first few times she just looked at the pictures and pointed out things she recognized like bumble bees, butterflies and ‘piders’, or spiders. Then, with Greg reading it to her, it became important to count how many bees or butterflies on each page. Next it was discovering even more animals, like the squirrel hiding in the tree and the worm eating through the apple. When Izzy came to visit, the new rage was to pretend picking all the veggies off the pages and eating them. Of course the book does say, “I pick it and eat it,” on every other page. So Izzy taught Lily to do just that.

After that it wasn’t enough fun just to pretend to pick it and eat it for ourselves; instead we had to feed the kids in the book too. So all the kids get bites of cauliflower, Lily’s new favorite word, tomatoes and apples. Yum! Yum!

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