Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Earthboxes and Impatience

Greg’s been building Earthboxes for our front yard this year. Earthboxes have lots of pros…you can control the soil quality, control the amount of water, grow in small spaces, move the boxes around if you want, and they allow you to plant a garden even if you don’t have a yard. Check out the easy how-to instructions on the website, http://www.earthbox.com/consumer/instructions.html

One thing I’ve noticed this year in the yard is my impatience. I’m blaming it on being pregnant, but I’m not sure if that’s really the whole truth. Lily likes to pull things out that we’ve just recently planted. She’s curious and getting more curious as she learns which is awesome, but please could she not pull the sprouts out!!

For instance this past weekend when Greg was planting some of the seedlings in one of the Earthboxes he had just made, I gave Lily some of her own seedlings to plant to keep her busy because she wanted to be doing what Greg was doing, only of course she was more interested in pulling out the seedlings right after Greg planted them.

Then there’s Dizzy.

Picture Greg planting seedlings in the Earthbox while Lily is pulling them out faster than we can stop her, and Dizzy has his nose right in the middle of things trying to eat the fish fertilizer pellets that go down the middle of the box. Not the easiest thing in the world, but Greg accomplished it.

After he finished, Greg, Lily and I went to the backyard for a few minutes. And when I say, a few minutes that is exactly what I mean. Which was just enough time for Dizzy to destroy the top of the recently planted Earthbox, plastic, seedlings and all, to get to the fertilizer. Ahhhhh! All this time I’ve been worried about how I can plant a garden, keep Lily from uprooting everything, stay patient, and have fun all at the same time. And the real garden pest turns out to be Dizzy.