Monday, May 20, 2013

Color in the Garden

We were out of town for a week, and while we were gone, it was actually sunny. Unfortunately it was probably the only week of sun we will have all spring.  It's amazing what can happen in one week to a garden, especially when there's some much desired sunshine. 

So many things bloomed in that one week!  And so many of them purple!  




Centaurea Bachelor Buttons




I realized when we returned that I have way too much purple in my garden.  

When we first bought this house seven years ago, the flowers that were here were mostly pinks, purples and light blues, none of which are really my favorite colors in the garden. Over the years I've tried to add other colors, reds, yellows, deep black purples, oranges. 

What I didn't think through very well is when things bloom.  

The red, yellow and orange tulips are all dead and gone by the time all the purple arrives, and the yellow-orange of the day lilies and yellow-orangy blacks of the rudibeckia and sunflowers don't bloom until later. So for a while, my garden is very purple with some white, some blue-purples and deep pinks thrown in. 

Lily got mad when I said there was too much purple because it's her favorite color. I actually love many of the purple plants in the garden; lavender and allium are two of my favorites, and chives brighten up the whole yard while keeping away lots of garden pests, but this is the first year I realized the garden is very monochromatic in the late spring.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello Ladybugs

Hello first ladybugs we've seen this season.

Climbing on our chives,

Tucked in and on and around our Rugosa Rose bushes.

Lily and I wondered if they were on the rose bush to protect themselves from predators since the rose bushes have super long sharp thorns.

I think we disturbed their mating...

I love to see a garden full of ladybugs. Hi Nana!