Thursday, March 28, 2013

To Begin Again

I'm completely unmotivated to begin gardening this year. And I'm not sure exactly why. The reasons are sort of mixed up and muddy in my mind.  The weather is having motivational issues too. Freezing rain, bursts of sunshine, snow just last week. 

It's like I need to yell to the weather and myself, it's Spring!!  Let's get going!!

For my 40th birthday this year, my brother made me this awesome seed starter set out of wood and mini terra cotta pots. 

So in one of our bursts of sun last week, Lily, Jasper and I started some seeds. We used these new (or new to us) Earth Plugs. (From Down To Earth Distributors Inc. If you Google Earth Plugs you get a whole bunch of interesting websites about how to make huge holes in your ears...hmm!)

I quickly grabbed the sunflower and radish seeds because I know that starting seeds with two little kids and no proper place to put them is really more about fun, fun and more fun, and not so much about what seeds you start or how many, if any, of those starts actually make it into the garden to thrive. 

Some years are more successful than others, and we can always count on our sugar snap pea starts!! I think I continue to start seeds every year with the kids because I hope they can see what happens when you plant a seed. 

I hope they love the transformation. 

I hope they are  awed by it like I am. 

Maybe this will get my motivation going.