Monday, January 18, 2010


Lily, Dizzy and I went out to play in the gorgeous weather yesterday. We unearthed lots of old things from last year's garden, a few rotten leftover tomatoes, some toys--mostly Dizzy's--but a couple of Lily's too. Then she found an old empty snail shell which she immediately put in her mouth and tried to eat, maybe it looked like a veggie or fruit of some sort. She didn't, however, end up swallowing it and we saved it to show her daddy when he comes home from work. I don't know why she is fascinated with snails, but she is.

We even found a very old, fat, red Christmas light with a sharp broken edge under the Magnolia tree. Luckily I got to that one before Lily did. We dug in some of the dirt with our fingers and took turns smelling it. Smells like good dirt this year. Can't wait to get out there and plant some veggies!

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