Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Climbing Trees

Okay, it’s taken me a while to get this blog post out, but last Saturday was absolutely gorgeous here. I’m talking 60-plus degrees, blue sky and sunshine. And not a chilly breeze to be found. We got lots of work done in the yard. And when I say, “we,” I mean Greg got lots of work done in the yard while Lily played and I weeded a tiny bit weeds and thought about all the work I wanted to get done, but couldn’t.

Greg pruned the big trees which all needed some intense pruning. As I have pretty much no clue about pruning trees aside from lilacs and forsythia, I let him do the hard work, not that I could have done it anyway in this stage of a pregnancy, but still it’s not something I enjoy. I know it needs to be done, but I just feel like cutting huge branches away is such a major commitment and could so easily make the tree look ridiculous. Greg did a great job and now, instead of our plum tree looking ragamuffinish, it looks clean and refined. And the one lilac shrub that’s grown into a tree doesn’t smack us in the face anymore when we walk by it.

Of course Lily wanted to help with the pruning because she loves trees almost as much as worms, but it’s not really something she can do yet. Maybe in ten years or so, right? Climbing trees is a whole different issue, especially with her daddy around to “help” her. I love these pictures almost as much as I loved seeing her smiling in the tree with the sun around her, but they remind me she’s not my little baby anymore and she’s growing up way too fast for me to keep up. Although, I imagine any speed would be too fast for us parents, right?

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  1. Great job, Babe.She looks like a grown up kid!!!!.