Saturday, March 6, 2010

Feeding Chickens

Lily has had a busy couple of weeks outside. Her GramS, (Greg’s mom) has been visiting from Michigan. GramS is house sitting for our neighbors’ across the street who have CHICKENS. Lily gets to help feed them and collect the eggs and it’s become her favorite thing to do. Every morning now she wakes up saying, “GramS, go feed chickens.”
These chickens are very well taken care of in their beautiful backyard. In addition to their organic chicken feed, their diet is supplemented by greens from the garden. They have access to the sun and outdoors every day, and nice sturdy coops for sleeping. And their eggs are delicious!
Last fall these neighbors wanted to give us some chickens, which we would eventually like to have, but we decided to wait until we could build them a nice coop and penned-in area in our yard. Unfortunately this seems to have taken a backseat to some other projects around our house that actually need to get finished. But I think in the near future we will have some chickens of our own.

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  1. Cool Sara! I hope you get chickens soon so I can learn vicariously through you. I've been wanting chickens for their eggs, and as garden helpers (pest control and natural fertilizer), but don't really know much about caring for them...Would love to hear more about it on Sprout. : )