Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Blooms

Well it almost feels like winter has returned around here, grrrrrr. It’s amazing to me how so many of the plants don’t seem to mind, though. Like the daffodils and tulips which are blooming like crazy around us. I remember the week before Lily was born two years ago, we had a nasty return to winter for a few days then too. All the tulips had bloomed, when out of nowhere we got a really wet snowstorm mixed with a bit of thunder, two things that don’t happen that often around here, let alone at the same time. I have pictures of the tulips covered in snow, but they survived.

All the bulbs in our yard are from the previous owners, but it sure is nice to enjoy all their hard work. Lily especially loves them. When our tulips opened this weekend she was immediately drawn to them and wanted to eat them. We talked about how the bumblebees go inside the flowers and eat/drink from them, but we don’t eat the tulips ourselves. I’m not sure if that bit of information will stick with her or not; I have this feeling I’ll find her out there tasting one any day now.

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