Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zucchini on Acid

Seriously our zucchini plants are growing like they're on drugs or something, doubling in size overnight, every night. It's not even July yet and already we have two zucchini blossoms and many more on the way. I've never had zucchini ready to eat in June before from my own garden. Apparently it likes the soil and all the sun it's getting in the front yard.

Every year at the end of the summer I rip out the gargantuan zucchini plants and tell myself I'm not going to grow it the next year. By August I've had enough zucchini to last me forEVER. Those of you who grow zucchini know what I'm talking about. It produces a lot, quickly, and I can never seem to keep up no matter how many ways we fix it. And believe me there are tons of ways to fix zucchini. My favorite is sliced and grilled with a drizzle of olive oil and some salt. "Myum-yum!" as Lily says.

"Zucchini", one of Lily's favorite poems to read over and over again, is from her picture book, Busy in the Garden, (by George Shannon, pictures by Sam Williams.) It begins, "Zucchini meeny miney moe," proceeds to list many of the ways zucchini can be fixed, (it's a long poem,) and ends with "Zucchini meeny miney MOAN." No kidding!

But it's only the beginning of summer and I always get suckered back into growing it, especially this summer since it's been abnormally warm and sunny. Plus it's an easy vegetable to grow with great results, just the thing I would love for Lily to see and be amazed by, hopefully.

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  1. Awesome! She gets cuter with every post. Zucchini brownies too! Love, Nana