Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun with the Garden Hose

We had such a gorgeous, hot week here that we had to actually water the plants. Often, at this time of year in Everett, with enough mulch and compost I can get away with watering the veggies once or twice a week. And the perennials survive on near complete neglect. Not so this past week. On Thursday I watched our new young hydrangea go from thriving and blooming to one big sagging heap in less than an hour. All the blooms withered and weeping. So I drowned it and then repeated the drowning two more times on Friday and thankfully it sprang back to life.

I let Lily play with the hose too; she loves it. Loves to water the sidewalk and herself, and she loves to try to catch the water in her hand. I put some flower pots near her to see if she would water them, and she did, too funny!! I bought her her own little watering can, but she's not too keen on that yet; she just dumps all the water out and walks away from it, but the hose is her new favorite. Apparently she's also good at deadheading.

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  1. Babe,
    Love the blog. Love watching Lily grow along with the flowers & veggies. Also love her watering the same. It's my joy that I get to see my Tiger Lily everyday!!