Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lily's Friends

Lily had visits from two of her pals this week. Her flower friend, Violet came up to picnic and play in the grass, and it was a gorgeous day. The girls are hilarious together; they look like little old women complaining to each other. We haven't seen Violet in a while and she's growing just as fast as Lily. I feel like I blink and they've grown, or like they secretly grow at superspeed overnight, like spinach and zucchini.

Our friends Shannin and Jason came over from Bainbridge with their daughter, Zoe, who is also growing like crazy, which is awesome to see because she was born with CDH, (congenital diaphragmatic hernia) and has major health challenges to overcome. Her name means Life which I think is just perfect because she's one tough survivor.

We also have some fun news about Lily's pal, Molly and her mom and dad, they just moved into a house a couple of blocks away from us. They're neighbors, Yeah!!!

Hopefully I'll have more pictures to show of all the girls as the summer goes on. Lily changes so much every day I can hardly keep up.

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