Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Raised Beds

I should tell you a bit about our yard. The front is full of perennials, bulbs, trees and a few patches of lawn that were here long before Greg and I bought this house three years ago. It seriously intimidates me so we'll talk about that another day.

The back is sort of a charming disaster. There are two dilapidated old sheds, random slabs of concrete, in shapes that almost remind me of leaves, a section of gravel and weeds, and a narrow brick path between two flower beds.

Nestled in the back right corner are 4 raised beds and a compost bin. This is my favorite part of the yard; this is where I truly feel like I get to start over every year, planting whatever fruits and veggies I want. Plus it was completely overgrown with weeds when we bought the house. I dug them all up, each and every one, so I feel a bit of ownership.

Mostly, so far, I keep plopping Lily back there with me hoping she'll become interested in pushing seeds down into the dirt. Seeds are tiny, though, so we've tried some snap peas and nasturtiums, which she can actually hold between her fingers and push into the dirt. I said, can, not that she does, exactly. Yes, she'd much rather put them in her mouth. Seeds and rocks taste good! Although, she does like to water - a girl after my own heart.

In the first picture, she's playing with the rocks by her trusty watering can. The second is a raised bed from the early stages. I love watching it all grow, including my Lily.

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