Monday, May 5, 2014

Garden Anarchy

Weird things have been happening in our garden this year, weird bad things.  It's like the garden is staging a revolt. Maybe it knows the kids and I are going to be gone for six weeks and it's angry!

First there are our sugar snap peas, or rather, lack of them. Lily and I started them inside on a tray between two damp paper towels the way we do successfully every year. Not only did most of them fail to open and sprout, but they all turned moldy.  That has never happened to us before.  I bought a different kind of seed this year, I wonder if that could be it.  After our moldy starts we planted over a dozen seeds directly into the soil outside and this is what we have right now.

It's been almost a month and only four tiny sprouts are even trying to grow.  They are joined by a tiny tight mess of lettuce which we didn't plant.

The strawberry plants did not have a good winter; one whole row is practically decimated.

Luckily we had lots of runners popping up all over the garden so I transplanted a few into the strawberry bed and hopefully they will flourish.

The weird winter also killed my two favorite Spanish lavender bushes.  Both of them completely dead. I've never lost a lavender bush before either.

Last year I planted a dozen beautiful fringed leafed tulips on either side of our front gate. One side looks like this,

the other looks like this.

I have no idea where the bulbs went, perhaps some underground creature. 

My peonies have almost no blooms starting, and we won't even talk about what's going on with my radishes

But worst of all, two of my biggest rose bushes have tent worms!!!!!!!!

Goodbye for now garden. I'll be back in June!

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