Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's All About the Sun

Let's talk about the sun. We have had so much cold hard rain this winter and spring, the kind of relentless chilly monsoons that make you want to keep your head down, not lift it up like you do when you want to feel the sprinkles of a warm summer storm. The kind of rain we’ve been having is the kind that saturates the earth, making it dangerous, dangerous enough to come crashing down and bury people.  

I know we need the rain for our gardens, our land, our lives, but right now we need a break from the rain. We need the sun. 

And oh how we love the sun!  We are just like our gorgeous little sprouts, reaching towards, stretching for, basking in the sun.

When it’s late September I’ll probably be crying for some rain to drench my parched plants, but for now, for us on our tiny spec of land and, I suspect, for many of you out there, it’s really only about the sun right now.  Bring! It! On!

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