Monday, June 24, 2013

Garden Updates

Despite all the hoodlums, the police and the middle schoolers who leave their cigarette butts along our front fence, AND the 54 degree temperatures and rain we’ve had, our garden is flourishing. I always wish for more sun, more plants to tend to, more gardening time, but when I stop and look at how many things are growing, it makes me happy!

When we actually do have a sunshiny nice day, the kids and I - like everyone else in the PacNW - take advantage!! We dig in the dirt, play in the sprinkler, eat popsicles and SOAK UP THE RAYS!! 

Even Dizzy gets high from the sun, that dog loves him some sunshine!

Here’s a look at what’s growing in our garden right now during the end of June.




Sugar Snap Peas

Tons of herbs, including, Lemon Thyme - my favorite!!


More Berries!!

Beans and Dinosaurs!

We also have tons of flowers blooming now, begging for more sunshine, Please!!

Bachelor's Buttons


Globe Flower

Black Swan Poppy...AMAZING!


Day Lillies


The Beas, butterflies and other weird bugs are enjoying our garden too! I hope your garden is going bonkers like ours is!

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