Saturday, June 8, 2013

Eggshell Seed Starters

We finally tried this fun idea I've been seeing everywhere! I've been saving up egg shells, waiting for a sunny day, and for us to be home from all our spring travels.  Last Friday the forces collided in our favor.

We had poor soil, lack of concentration and Legos battling it out, so, as usual, it didn't exactly turn out like I expected.  But it was hilarious, and Lily kept saying, "This is so cool. This is way more fun than I thought it was going to be." Which totally made up for the fact that I had to drag them kicking and screaming outside that afternoon.

We used paper egg cartons to hold the shells because I didn't have any plastic ones with the attached tops, (which I bet make really good homes for newly started seeds) but our paper ones will have to do.  Jasper and Lily used cups to fill the shells with dirt and I let them pick whatever seeds they wanted to plant. Then they watered them with sippy cups, (with the plastic spill-proof insert removed) which worked really well for watering just a little bit at a time.

Jasper planted beans and more beans; I think he just liked the way the seeds looked. Lily planted beans, zucchini and marigolds.  All of which can be started directly in the soil, but that's not the point, really, is it? The best part was when Lily said, "The marigold seeds look just like porcupine quills."

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