Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bye Bye Sunflowers!

We had such amazing, beautiful, huge sunflowers this year!

Bright yellow,

shades of burnt orangey-brown,

and deep reds.

I even think they are gorgeous in black and white.

Some grew over ten feet tall and finally their heads got so heavy they tipped over, bowed down with gravity.

Lily planted and watered them all from seeds and they were a huge success.  They were in the same raised bed as the strawberries and garlic and all three crops did awesome; maybe they liked being planted together.  Plus it was such a good summer of sun for us, which we sooooooo needed.

Not only did the sunflowers brighten our raised beds, but like almost everything else in the garden, they became a source of fun and play for Lily and Jasper, from digging out the seeds to play with, to painting the leaves with watercolors and using them as paint brushes,

to playing hide-and-seek in their "sunflower forest."

Even the ladybugs liked our sunflowers.

Greg put Lily on his shoulders just to show how tall they had gotten.  I saw gorgeous fields of enormous, tall sunflowers from a moving train once in Italy, but this is the first time I've/we've ever grown any quite so enormous.

Last weekend we finally pulled and dug them all out, and of course, played with them.

 See you next year gorgeous bright sunflowers!!

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