Sunday, July 5, 2009


This is the first year I tried planting bare-root roses. Yes, I'm a sucker, I love the scent of them. I bought two climbing roses called, Joseph's Coat. They can also be pruned into more of a shrub rose. I bought them for the orangy-red color and the description on the tag, "fragrant and long lasting."

Greg and I planted them on a cold, drizzly night in February as it was getting dark. Lily and Dizzy helped by sitting nearby and offering a comment or two. While Greg dug the holes and I buried the roots, Dizzy taught Lily how to chew on sticks, and as soon as we were finished planting, she threw up. (I hope no one is reading this blog for tips on planting roses or parenting.)

One of the roses is not growing very well; now that it is summer I can see that it is not getting nearly enough sunshine. I will try to move it next winter/spring. The other one is thriving and last week it finally bloomed, yeah!

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  1. BAbe,
    Love the comments about Dizzy He is a riot!!