Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September Garden

I love September in the garden here. The crystal clear blue skies, the clean air, the long afternoon shadows. It’s warm and dry; it's exactly the kind of weather I long for in May and June after an abundance of chilly rain. And even though I love fall, I bask in the lasting September warmth, like a cat stretched out in the sun.

The garden becomes something different for us in September. It’s always a sort of playground for the kids, but as our summer ends and the gorgeous dry weather stretches out. It’s less about what’s growing and more about spiders and wicked looking webs spun all over the yard. 

It's about using the long heavy dead sunflower stalks as swords and finding seeds to play with.

It’s about garden clean-up, and lingering on the lawn, and savoring every single last drop of summer because we know we will soon be in for a long chilly wet spell.

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