Friday, August 24, 2012

Garlic, My Love!

I love it when the garlic is ready to dig up, love, love, love it!  This is only our second year growing garlic and it has quickly become one of my favorite veggies to grow.  It's easy, successful, pests don't like it, and we use garlic in cooking all the time. Jasper likes to sit in the raised beds by the garlic; it's his forest.

Garlic is such an unassuming crop; it doesn't have big showy leaves or huge fruit ripening in front of your eyes and you plant it in the fall knowing you have to be patient, patient, patient.  But.  It.  Is. Wonderful!  When the tall stalk-like leaves all start to turn brown,

I dig one up to see what the bulb looks like, and viola!

The kids helped me dig up a few bulbs; then they were bored.  But they loved the gaping holes I left all over the raised beds from digging up the rest of the garlic.  I'm sure I'll be finding lego people buried in the dirt for the next few years.

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