Thursday, May 13, 2010

Newest Little Sprout

It's been five weeks since Jasper Kincaid Ohlin arrived and yet I can hardly remember life without him. Lily is excited to have a baby brother, but to be honest she's more interested in all the stuff that comes with him like his little onesies, his diapers, his blankets.

If I thought maintaining my writing and gardening selves while parenting Lily was a challenge, I had no idea what two sprouts would do to my life. At the moment, I have absolutely no desire to write, but I'm determined not to lose that part of me; so once again, as with Lily, I'm going to let the garden be my muse for now. Thank goodness she and Jasper both like to be outside!


  1. Babe,
    You are a great Mommasita and I love to see how much you love your babies!!

  2. He is gorgeous, Sara! I can't wait to meet him.