Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Garden Clean Up

Lily and I finally spent some time cleaning up the garden beds this weekend. Actually I did the clean up while she sat and explored the dried cilantro plant full of seeds. I thought she would enjoy pulling out old plants and tossing them into the compost pit, but the fun for her came in picking the coriander seeds and trying to eat them. I was amazed at how much scent the plant still gave off as she picked the seeds and played with them. I felt like I was eating fresh pico de gallo.

She was very helpful in putting down cardboard over the beds. We just tiled our kitchen back-splash and had about 30 square foot pieces of cardboard left over. Instead of recycling them I decided to cover the beds with them before I toss the fall leaves over to help compost into the soil. Every one I placed down, Lily picked up and moved to a new spot, her spot. I began with a pile, placed them all over three of the beds and by the time she was finished, we had a nice pile of them again. She likes making piles these days.

And now I'm going to stop writing because my computer is making a sound like a cat dying a cruel death and I'm worried it's just going to stop working; it's on it's very last, last leg, or life, if we're talking cat lives.

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