Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lily's Garden Pals

Lily has lots of pals in the garden, but one I've forgotten to mention is her stuffed bear, Victoria, made especially for Lily by her GramS in Michigan. Lily loves Victoria and takes her everywhere! She's just started calling her "Toria".

These pictures are from July, holy cow, July! It's already fall; I can't keep up. We've definitely been absent from the garden and the main reason is because I'm ten weeks pregnant and feeling mostly like Death warmed over. Lily's going to have another gardening pal come April and we're really excited but dang I hate this first trimester. I've let everything go, gardening, writing, cooking because I'M SO TIRED I COULD FALL ASLEEP STANDING UP. It's about all I can do to take care of Miss Lily and you can bet that when she naps, I nap.

And now we're going on vacation for a week, but we'll be back with more gardening adventures in a few days. For now, happy fall everyone!


  1. Congratulations Sara! What surprising and wonderful news. Hang in there! : )

  2. Congrats Sara! I hope you are feeling better. You probably don't need much since it's your second but feel free to gander my store www.pollywogbaby.com and let me know if you like anything - I'll give you the super cool bloggy friend discount (my cost).

    xo, Annette