Friday, August 14, 2009

What's Growing?

Miss Lily is taking a nap, so I thought I'd get a quick post in about what's growing right now, more for my own garden journal notes than anything else. Aren't the coreopsis beautiful! They're blooming along the west-facing fence in the backyard, behind a lilac shrub, and they don't get much sun. I planted them two years ago next to some dahlias and a gorgeous blue perennial salvia that is almost in bloom, and as tall as I am. Every year I say I'm going to move them all so they will get more sun, and I have yet to get to it.

The zucchini are done, I ripped them out because they had powdery mildew, bummer. But Early Girl and Sun Gold Tomatoes are ripening, and we've had a few small bunches of carrots, that Lily loves to pick.

The kale is still going strong, but the broccoli raab and snap peas are done. Every day we go to the garden to check for peas and now Lily brushes her hands together over the empty space and says, with her high-pitched questioning tone, "done?"

I'm not sure about the cauliflower starts I planted. Out of 6, three of them got devoured by some pest and the three that are left look really unhappy. The Brussel Sprouts I planted in the back beds are growing, but the leaves are being eaten by a tiny green worm. And the ones I planted in front are not doing much at all.

I planted Acorn squash and Delicata, (I think, I saved the seeds from last year's farmers' market purchase. Of course I only labeled the Acorn. Oops!) and they are both going crazy. More potatoes should be ready soon, and I planted arugula, more spinach and beans for the fall. Oh, and I pruned the strawberry bushes back in June, after the first batch of berries, and now they are also going crazy with runners and blossoms. Lily will be so happy to pick more berries.

And one lonely stargazer Lily, which I thought had been devoured by the slugs, bloomed. Sooo pretty!

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